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Toothpaste, deodorant, birthday cards...and healthcare?

Monday, April 2, 2012

You’ve probably noticed the rapid appearance of “convenience” or “retail” clinics in your local supermarket, drugstore or big-box store.  They promise handy access to a health-care provider, while buying milk or picking up your prescription.

Likewise, there is a growing number of for-profit “super-specialized” clinics for very specific problems, such as ADHD.  These franchises advertise one-stop-shopping for your child’s particular health concern but not other healthcare needs.

As parents with active kids, we at Robinhood Pediatrics understand the need for busy families to get their needs met when they can.  That’s why we offer same-day appointments for urgent needs, and call-ahead weekend clinic hours.

We also know that parents don’t want anything but the very best for their kids.  While retail clinics must meet the basic legal standards of medical care in each state, they may not offer the trust of a relationship built over time.  As the American Academy of Pediatrics puts it,

“Parents need to be cautious when considering seeking care for their children at in-store clinics.  Professionals who staff these clinics might not be specially trained in pediatrics and are not aware of your child’s medical history.  Whether it’s information about your child’s immunizations or allergies, having the patient’s medical record on hand is paramount to safe, effective treatment options – options that might best be decided by your child’s own pediatrician, who has access to this information.”

Knowing your child and family over time allows us to design the best care possible for them – whether the issue is ADHD, a sprained ankle, or the flu.  While “one-stop-shops” may offer equivalent expertise in a single medical area, they may ignore the whole picture of your child’s health and history.  Again, the AAP:

“Consistency is also the key to proper health care.  With every visit and phone call, the pediatrician is learning about your child’s health care needs, enabling her to make decisions with complete knowledge and information.  This is why children’s health care is ideally delivered or coordinated through the child’s “medical home,” the office of the primary-care pediatrician.”

We deeply value the trust you have placed in us to care for your children – as we like to say, “Your child’s care is why we care.”  Getting to know your child and meeting their particular needs over time is not only our greatest joy -- it’s great medicine!



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