Life skills: what's in your wallet?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
<p=>Most of us can remember learning to swim.  Maybe it was lessons at the local “Y”, where the chlorine smell nearly knocked you over; maybe it was the slightly dangerous, muddy lake water of a camp; or, perhaps your parents just threw you in the deep end, old-school style.  Whatever your experience, you learned a key Life Skill: how to swim.

What Life Skills are we teaching our kids?  Below is a random, incomplete list of some Life Skills to get you thinking.  It is easy to forget to be intentional about these, and as we all know, time has a way of taking us by surprise.  So pick one, and teach your kids starting today!

Swimming: literally, a lifesaver.  Never, ever skip this vital life skill! 

Doing laundry: boring, daily drudgery?  You bet.  But they better know how to do it – everything from gainful employment to a life partner may hinge on this one!

Answering/talking on the phone: A dying art, and (no kidding) next to impossible for today’s teens who have grown up texting or “facebooking” everyone.  Nevertheless, the art of phone conversation will likely be around for a long time, and may even make a comeback.  Ditto for the art of actual face-to-face conversation!

Tennis (or golf):  Sports that are social, connectional and can be played for almost a whole lifespan.  And tennis is a real bargain, with minimal equipment and a ton of free court space.

Cooking: Nothing fancy is required, but you can start at a very young age teaching the basic joys of making food – and kitchen safety, too.  Mac and Cheese; beans and rice; how to make a salad – the basics may keep them alive in that first solo apartment!

Car care basics:  Yes, they can call AAA, but a few simple checks can save their money andperhaps their lives.  It’s worth a Saturday morning or two to review checking oil, tire pressure and fluids, and where the spare is.

What would you add to this list?