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Well visits

Well child visits are important components of preventative medicine and frequently locate hidden problems early when proper management can be most successfully attained. They are a standard of care expected by the American Academy of Pediatrics and by medical practice credentialing and certification organizations with which we participate. Well child visits are expected and are not optional. We encourage annual well child visits, please verify your insurance benefits to ensure coverage of annual visits.

Novant Health Robinhood Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine follows the American Academy of Pediatrics' recommended vaccine schedule. We are happy to answer any questions or alleviate any concerns you have about the vaccines your child will receive. If you do have questions, ask anyone in our office when you visit for your child's appointment, or send us a message online using MyChart.

When you bring your child in for their well child checkup, the following components may be performed and are associated with a “Well Checkup” code:

  • Track growth (weight, height, head circumference for younger children and BMI for older children)
  • Obtain vitals including temperature, heart rate and blood pressure for certain age ranges
  • Complete a full physical exam (checking eyes, ears, nose, throat, heart and lungs, abdomen, lymph glands, skin, genitals and determine pubertal status, checking muscle strength, tone, and neurological system)
  • Evaluate language, gross and fine motor, and social/emotional development and screen for delays
  • Check hearing and vision for certain age ranges
  • Evaluate diet and nutrition
  • Evaluate school performance
  • Screen for stressors that may affect the well-being of the child/screen for behavioral health disorders: the Survey of Well-being of Young Children (SWYC), MCHAT, Edinburg
  • Administer immunizations per the CDC schedule
  • Obtain screening labs
  • Complete school, camp, or sports clearance forms
  • Some medication refills
  • For 12 years and older complete annual depression screening (PHQ Questionnaire)


Your health information is important around-the-clock, not just during normal office hours. This is why we use MyChart to make your personal health information available to you – when and where you need it. MyChart is safe and easy for you to use.

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